Episode 63: Israel Keyes Part 2

Here we are, back again to go even deeper into the enigma that is Israel Keyes. This guy was a true monster and the details of his confessed crimes seem almost too horrific to be real. In Part 2, we go deeper into his three murders that we mentioned in Part 1 and we also discuss his motivations, his quirks and plug a great investigative podcast about this case, True Crime Bullshit. Come on in, the water is murky and poisonous.

One thought on “Episode 63: Israel Keyes Part 2

  1. What do you mean he tied her to the bed in a horrific and intricate way? Then you vamp about how horrific without sharing any details as to what on earth that means. I’m sorry guys, but I’m gonna have to drop out if this is how you are going to tell stories – it’s like we are listening to a reaction video without ever seeing what you’re reacting to.

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