Episode 27: The Survival Story of Mary Vincent, Patron Saint of Badassery

Mary Vincent survived something so horrifying that most of us couldn’t even conjure it up in our nightmares. Her attacker, Lawrence Singleton, could have never imagined that Mary would walk away from where he left her to die in a canyon as a symbol of strength and resilience in the face of insurmountable odds. This is a story of survival, but also one of a justice system that is in desperate need of fixing.

2 thoughts on “Episode 27: The Survival Story of Mary Vincent, Patron Saint of Badassery

  1. I want to support you but your podcast sucks! I’m so sorry to be the one to tell you. More than 50% of morbidpodcast is mindless babble. Appears you are a “”myfavoritemurderwannabe”. Anyone can say “fuck”, “cunt”, “bitch”, but specifically “Fuck” every other word. You demonstrate a lack of creativity, misogyny & amateurish ignorance . Give it up. Don’t try to be someone else. Find your gift and share that! Good luck!

    Episode 27

    1. Hey there, Uncompromised Patriot!
      Thanks so much for the super respectful criticism! Your feedback may be better delivered without immediately saying, “Your podcast sucks!” but hey, we are amateur and ignorant, so what do we know! Of course, it is your prerogative to enjoy or listen to our show at all and unlike you, we respect your autonomy and won’t resort to calling you names or insulting you in any aggressive way. I do question why we are “myfavoritemurderwannabes” (whew…with no spaces that is a mouthful!). Is it because we are two women talking about spooky stuff? That’s limiting but I respect and enjoy Karen and Georgia too much to take offense at that comparison! So, thank you! Also, the misogyny insult was mighty confusing but if that is what you get from two feminists, then who are we to argue? Your feelings are yours, man. Just a note, maybe deliver your feedback in a more constructive way, rather than aggressively insulting strangers who are providing a service. Of course, that’s just some advice that you are free to take or leave. Hope you had a less angry day after you took the time to leave this nice comment.
      Also, Mary Vincent is a badass, right? Good luck, friend!
      -Alaina & Ash (or Karen and Georgia wannabes, I suppose!)

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